What was accomplished?

So, the results are in and the campus spoke:  a resounding “no” on the ASM constitution.  Prehabs we should view this as a mandate from the masses, “More of the same!”  I still cannot get over the fact that on a campus with so much contempt for student government, so many people would not want to change.  We will remain the only school in the UW system without a presidential system.  We will continue to lag behind peer institutions like Berkeley, Ohio State, and UCLA.  While a presidential system certainly has not shown favorable at every school (think Milwaukee), our success rate is not much better.

I guess the question I am left asking is, “What was accomplished?” Do students think that this will be a wake up call for current ASM leadership to do something new.  I don’t think it was conveyed enough that all of ASM leadership (Save the SSFC Vice Chair) was in favor of this constitution.  All of the people on campus who were familiar with trying to get things done in the current system were ready to try something new.  But the constitution was nevertheless defeated.  I am sure that others will spend time analyzing how this happened.  I am sure ASM could have campaigned better or built better coalitions.  However, the fact of the matter remains that nothing was accomplished by defeating this document.

I know that the vote no people plan on running for ASM.  I encourage them.  However, I will be watching to see how things improve.  I will be interested if GSSF groups find this more condusive.  We will see what the final fate of the GSSF will be.  That is for them to figure out.  I would just warn them that they have inhereted a batter and brutalized organization.  The onus is now on them to recessitate it.  We have tried and the campus said no.  I wish you all luck.


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