The gravy train left at 10:25!! wooo wooo!!

From I-Badger “B”: 

Today’s decision on WISPIRG’s eligibility proves that this year’s SSFC is grossly mismanaging the fund. All progress that was made last year in terms of honing the definition of service was lost today. 

WISPIRG was granted eligibility last Thursday. However, after certain committee members’ felt that their reasoning was not grounded in any kind of logic, they moved to reconsider the group this past Monday. (disclaimer: I do not purport that WISPIRG does not deserve eligibility, but I do think the committee is not using any kind of coherent reasoning).  

One may think that having a few extra days to think about their logic would help committee members. However, after sitting in the meeting for only a few minutes, it was easy to tell that this was not the case. 

In order to receive eligibility, a group must show that their group provides a direct service to students (this makes sense, as the committee is called the Student Service Finance Committee). Here are some important bylaws regarding SSFC eligibility.

2.032(3)(c)5- Direct Service Requirements

A group must fulfill all the following criteria:

1) The group must provide to the students of the university a specific and identifiable direct service, as defined by ASM bylaw 2.032(3)(c)2c

2) The group must provide a written mission statement outlining the group’s direct service(s)

3) The direct service(s) provided must be the primary focus of the group

4) The direct service(s) of the group must be aimed at reaching all university students

5) University students must be the principal focus of the group’s direct service(s)

6) University students must be the principal beneficiaries of the group’s direct service(s)

7) The group must demonstrate that the university does not provide a substantially equivalent direct service(s)

8) The direct service(s) must be educational, but cannot be a credit producing activity. 

One member argued that members should consider if the group is making every effort within its context to be tailorable. I shit you not. This was a real argument. Other members argued that issue advocacy in itself is a direct service. GREAT! Now, I need three other people to form an RSO with me. We’ll advocate around the issue of kitten-abuse. Who dislikes kittens?! THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE IN OUR 21st CENTURY KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY!!!! Oh, the transferable skill sets that I will gain when I argue this at SSFC. But, they cannot deny me because issue advocacy is a direct service. Therefore, I will get funding. 

For more easy listening, do an open records request and get the audio minutes from the meeting to hear more jokes. Any person who pays seg fees should sue the committee.


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