Wisconsin- falling behind in Higher Ed

It is not a secret that recent cuts by the state legislature over the course of the last decade has significantly gutted the UW-System.  The precipitous decline in state funding remains a contributing factor to Wisconsin’s low faculty pay and faculty flight: The Chronicle of Higher Education.  The Wisconsin State Journal reported today that indeed, the State of Wisconsin is far behind the curve when it provides funding for our UW-System. 

State spending on the System has remained about the same since the beginning of this decade, at around $1 billion.

But in “real” dollars, adjusted for inflation, spending has decreased since 2000, according to the report.

The largely ad hominen attacks which have been exchanged between System/ University Administration and the State Legislature have only served to exacerbate the situation.  I feel like the situation has escalated to a power struggle, where the State Legislature is dangling funding over the university as a tool to punish them for their “liberal indoctrination.”

Meanwhile, support for public education is waning, faculty pay is not keeping up with inflation, and the quality of our education is put at risk.

[Edit- BH article in today’s paper]


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