ASM Releases Constitution Draft

Yesterday, ASM released a draft of their new Constitution:

Here is the proposed set up-

Here are some highlights from the document:


Subsection 2(a): The Executive shall oversee the administration and execution of government directives established through law and executive orders.

Subsection 2(b): The Executive shall represent the Student Government in official capacity to the ASM, university administration, the state legislature and the public.

Subsection 2(c): The Executive shall maintain records of executive functions.

Subsection 2(d): The Executive shall establish a mechanism to communicate to the media, student body and the public.


Subsection 2(a): All Senators are granted one (1) vote in the Senate.

Subsection 2(b): The Senate shall provide directive to the ASM through legislation pursuant to Section 5.

Subsection 2(c): The Senate shall establish bylaws, pursuant to Section 6, in order to define all structural questions of the student government, not established in the Constitution.

Subsection 2(d): The Senate shall appoint members of ASM to all appointment, unless designated to the Executive branch in § V.1(b).

Subsection 2(e): The Senate may establish Rules of Procedure to govern internal operations. Rules of Procedure cannot contradict the ASM Constitution and Bylaws.

Subsection 2(f): The Senate may pass non-binding resolutions with a majority vote establishing an opinion of the Senate.

Subsection 2(g): The Senate shall appoint a Speaker to preside over Senate meetings, represents the Senate on official matters, and to perform any other duties established in the Bylaws.

Subsection 2(h): The Senate shall maintain records of all legislative procedures.

Subsection 2(i): The Senate shall ensure communication to the student body. Each Senator shall represent and communicate with their constituents.

Subsection 2(j): Senators may not hold another formal position established in the ASM Bylaws or Constitution, in another branch of the Student Government. The Senate Speaker and Committee Chairs may not hold any position, formal or informal, in another branch of the Student Government.

Click here for a copy of the full document.


2 Responses to “ASM Releases Constitution Draft”

  1. Critical Badger Says:

    Chief of Staff?

    WiLounge- Can you guys please sign your posts? Even just initials. Your staff is incredibly large (from what it appears) so I am not alone in wondering which person is being represented in each post. Also, how’d you get a hold of this document?

  2. First Post and the First Draft of the Constitution « ASM Constitution Says:

    […] To get us started, we’ve got the first draft of the constitution, in PDF form, available here. The Wisconsin Lounge has a post up with the first draft as well.  […]

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