ASM Branding

The blog, Letters in a Bottle, made the observation that in an earlier post by the Wisconsin Lounge, ASM was referred to as Student Government. Given the changes that facing ASM in the near future, this observation was very apt.

In fact, currently ASM is working on reframing how students student think about the organization. This has been evident in a number of the recent emails that have come from ASM.

For example:

An email about open seats on ASM:

Your Student Government Involvement Opportunities

(Email sent 9/3/08)


Are you interested in getting involved in one of the most powerful student governments in the country?

Join the Associated Students of Madison, the official student government of UW-Madison, for their Kickoff event…

(Email sent on 9/15/08)

There were some complaints in ASM a few weeks ago when an email was sent out concerning the bookswap and did not provide any information on what ASM stood for

ASM is trying to re-brand themselves as the student government. While the name will not change with the new constitution, there will certainly be many more references to the Student Government of the Associated Students of Madison.
After the botched coup 3 years ago, it was hard to call ASM- Student Government. However, the transitory nature of campus has allowed ASM to try to move away from its ambiguous acronym and move towards a label which plainly states what the organization is.

3 Responses to “ASM Branding”

  1. Critical Badger Says:

    They’ve been using that language for years or at least, in presentations, been selling the idea of it being “your” student govt. I had Dylan Rath present something like that to a group I was a member of a few years ago.

  2. Brad V Says:

    DS/CB is no the best test sample, though.

    It’s about whether or not the average student on campus can penetrate the acronyms and get at the marrow of what’s going on.

    Associated Students of Madison, even when you unpack it from pure acronym, sounds more like a union or collective than a functional, no-nonesense governmental entity.

    It’s great that the student government is gradually migrating toward calling itself what it is or should be for the convenience and benefit of those it is responsible to in the end. I think it’s a testament to the sparks that flew in the Stiftskellar.

  3. Critical Badger Says:

    My point isn’t that the median student gets what ASM actually does. But I reject the premise this is a shift in policy and/or rhetoric.

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