A couple observations from today’s paper

There are a couple interesting things to note in today’s paper.

The first is the absence in either paper of the ASM Kickoff.  Last night ASM held their fall kickoff with over 160 people.  This would have been a great opportunity for ASM’s Press Office to jump into action.  They could have met with the press and have a great picture of 3650 Humanities filled with students interested in Student Government.  However, it seems that ASM, true to form, dropped the ball.  This is just another example of ASM’s failure to capitalize on positive events and to avoid negative coverage.  There has yet to be any images in the press that replaces the image of the empty State of ASM address.

Second, there has been a several recent articles in both the BH and DC concerning veteran’s services on campus.  As you may know, Vets for Vets was denied GSSF eligibility last week. It was deemed that their service of Veteran’s benefit counseling was not aimed at reaching all UW Students.  Since that point, there has been several articles discussing the university’s efforts to increase services to veterans: “Veteran Affairs works to reach young soldiers”, “New assistant dean to aid veterans”, and “Campus officials seek to improve student veteran academic services

It seems that if funding is going to be a contentious issue between the University and Vets for Vets, the university is taking preemptive measures to wage this one in the press.


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