Stop Complaining about Delgado

Recently, there has been an outcry in the campus media calling for the resignation of Senior Class Officer/ Cat-thief Oliver Delgado.  If this was a position of any importance, I would be prone to agree with this sentiment. However, Senior Class Officers are completely powerless positions with virtually no influence on the campus.  

First, the only difference between the Senior Class president and any other Senior Class officer position is strictly nominal.  In terms of responsibilities all the officers are essentially the same.  These positions are essentially ceremonial.  The only responsibility of Senior Class Officers is composing a list of potential commencement speakers.  However, it is the Secretary of the Faculty who actually finds the speaker. Given that there is no honorarium for the speaker, the commencement address is usually delivered by someone near the bottom of the list. 

The Senior Class President controls no money, they have no power over campus affairs, and are not expected to speak for the students.  If Oliver Delgado made any difference I would be joining the chorus demanding his resignation, but as it stands, the issue is not worth the time I invested in this post.


5 Responses to “Stop Complaining about Delgado”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Quality blog post if you are a freshman daily cardinal writer. The issue isn’t power, its about unchecked hubris and lying.

  2. The Oliver Delgado Time to Action Timer « Says:

    […] that weren’t enough, Wisconsin Lounge suggests we shouldn’t even discuss the matter. Stop complaining, they say. Exactly who wrote this is unclear and that’s too bad because […]

  3. badger09 Says:

    WI Lounge:

    You hit the nail on the head. CB and others alike have no genuine interest of the student body or the qualifications of “class” reps…

    All they care about is having something to talk about…Let’s face it, UW isn’t exactly the hot-bed for GOSSIP. And that’s all this is.. People blogging, writing and hiding.

    I bet 90% of the senior class didnt even know we had “class officers” and the same 90% STILL DONT CARE.

    Thank you WI LOUNGE for moving on

  4. The Critical Badger Says:

    Yes, outlining the nuances of University spending policies for commencement speakers and conducting news research to quote issues of student representation is truly gossip.

    One must if we are in danger of being passed by Minnesota in the US News and World Report if you represent the student body’s ability to process information.

  5. The Critical Badger Says:

    I also want to add to the above that you wrote several comments on my website masked as another person trying to make it seem like people were angry over continued calls for resignation. That’s really unfourtunate Oliver Delgado’s friends (possibly Oliver himself) would need to conduct themselves in such a manner — campus elite resume padding at its best: shut down any discussion of your actions by trying to marganalize opposition.

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