Worst Week Ever for SigEp

First hazing, now a huge fire.  The Sigma Phi Epsilon house is in flames.  For more information about the probably cause, check out the CB

Brittany and I were on the seen and snapped a couple pictures of the house burning. 

When we got there, it appeared that the firefighters were trying to contain it from within the house.  The left side of the house was in flames, but there were firefighters in the building trying to keep the fire under control. 

Then the roof started on fire and blew out the windows.  

We took a couple pictures with Brittany’s phone.  The resolution is poor and I can’t figure out how to rotate them.  But I have an exam tomorrow and can’t spend time dealing with right now.  

[Edit] -Alex




2 Responses to “Worst Week Ever for SigEp”

  1. Critical Badger Says:

    Hey could you guys sign the posts. I assume this is Alex?

    Great photos/work, btw.

  2. CB BREAKING STORY: The UW-Madison Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house is on fire and burning fast. Photos and I-Badger reports are coming in quickly. « Says:

    […] 1:00- Wisconsin Lounge has some great photos they put up moments ago. One of the futures of campus bloggi… […]

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