Pavlic’s solution: Counseling

In a rebuttal to yesterday’s calls for ASM to separate.  New Nominations Chair Jess Pavlic called for strong counseling instead. 

From my experience many failed relationships don’t stop after one. People often seek divorce assuming there is someone or something else better out there, when in reality many problems can be solved just by taking the time to look inward. With that in mind, I think that rather than throw in the towel, the Associated Students of Madison needs to take a look inside and get some outside help — counseling, if you will.

I think Ms. Pavlic is ignoring the long, tenuous relationship between the grassroots portion and institutionalized portion.  While I respect Ms. Pavlic’s desire to hold ASM together, there remains two unanswered questions. First, what does either side provide to the other which makes it so imperative to keep it together.  And second, how do you plan to resolve this tension if both sides are equally unwilling to make real change.  

The divorce recommendation allows ASM to continue to do what they have done, while constructing a system where each side can be responsible to the students. Unless, ASM is willing to give up their grassroots components, I fail to see how that will happen, even with counseling.  

Lastly, I think it is fair to note that despite ASM’s short list of success over the past few years (Bus Pass, Textbook swap, etc) this has come at a significant cost to students.  It certainly do not represent efficiency, but rather punctuated successes surrounded by large periods of ineffectiveness.  


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