Liberty- up in smoke…

Let’s be fair, our Nation was founded by smugglers and tax evaders, who sought freedom to do as they please. Although today we might look at our “Founding Fathers” as demigods, they remain greedy men who still left us with the greatest gift of all – liberty. This concept of smaller government and no interference in personal lives is lacking in our society today. We no longer care about the principal of freedom for ourselves. We have instead become a nation of sheep who no longer shout “give me liberty or give me death” but “give me longevity and I’ll do what the government says”.

Madison, WI remains one of the best examples of this lost cause. Named after the “Father of our Constitution”, James Madison,  Madison, the city, is a deplorable tribute to the ideas it should stand for. The smoking ban has been topic of many editorials and new-stories. It would simply be redundant to go into the reasons why a smoking should exist or why it should not. (For those who are interested check out this website to read reasons against smoking bans) What saddens me is how we as a society have given up the debate of individual freedoms as one of the valuable pillars of our society. This post is not to simply discredit the smoking ban, as I know it does do a lot for good for some people, but use it as a guide of our society. Why today are we so willing give up our lofty ideals to stop actions of others? Laws are for the common good and public safety of the population. It is a shame that in today’s society the common good is to have a nanny state from cradle to grave with little to no resistanct to it. 

The Smoking Ban remains law in Madison and I doubt we will ever see it go off of the books. Perhaps one day our society will remember that our lofty ideals may be worth fighting for, even if our lives or comfort are challenged. We should after all have life in our lives. 


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