It’s time to go out separate ways

In true American style, when things look grim for ASM there is nothing to do but take the money and run. Gallagher suggests that ASM drafts the papers and get divorced.


It comes down to this: I want a divorce. My reason: irreconcilable differences.  If we want to see any functional government, let’s have two. Let’s separate the functions of ASM. One group will allocate segregated fees, appoint students to shared governance committees and manage the Student Activities Center. Then the other group can run campaigns and work with the United States Student Association . These groups will have nothing to do with each other. Then we can stop pretending our student government is a grassroots organization.

This will allow each organization to sink or float on its own terms. Additionally, a little competition for student participation will provide incentives for outreach to the broader student body.


Gallagher believes that the different functions of ASM are irreconcilably in conflict.  Without a clear and meaningful push to move one direction, there is no hope but to split them.

In a school where we struggle to manage one unpopular student government, I would hate to see us try two. Furthermore, while I think Gallagher believes this system would not imply more segregated fees, itinevitably would.  

I guess, the biggest upside I see to Gallagher’s proposal is if ASM did split, we can assume that the grassroots portion would wither and die soon enough, leaving us with a student government that actually works on what we want.  

But here, I will believe it when I see it.  


One Response to “It’s time to go out separate ways”

  1. Brad V Says:

    Yes, the presumption that one half would wither and die is essential to the divorce having any positive benefit.

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