The Union- Out of control?

As plans solidify for the new Union South, students should start to wonder if this is truly worth the $148 a year they are investing in this new project. Unfortunately, student care more about whether the cops will bust up their house party then the long term implications of segregated fee funded building projects. (A mystery that still baffles me to this day… ha!)

Here is the breakdown of space usage.

Remember- The union project was passed on its third referendum, this time with less then 5% of the campus voting. And it still only passed by a couple hundred votes. These few students established an financial burden for the next thirty years. This is compounded with the $40 a year students are now paying for the student activities center.

And next on the docket we have the Lakeshore Recreational facility. If this facility passes, we could see another $120 tacked on to our segregated fee bill for this building.

Rumor has it that sooner or later we may also see the emergence of a plan for a Union West. Although costs for this plan are still up in the air, one thing is for sure, it will not be cheap.

Next year, our segregated fees will we nearing $900. We can expect that if these building projects succeed it is will be significantly higher than that.

Whether you consider this system a gravy train or just a poor way to force students to pay for project, by banking off their general apathy, one thing remains clear: If students do not start to think about the implications of these capital building referendums you very likely may establish fees that your children could still be paying.


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