Oliver Mr. Pres DelGado- caught stealing

First, for those of you who are not caught up, read this: http://www.madison.com/tct/news/stories/284849


I am not going to bother with a long triad about how our proclivity to elect crooks and liars.  I am also not going to talk about how having a convicted thief elected as Senior Class president certainly doesn’t help the UW name.  And I am certainly not going to touch on the fact that DelGado knew he was facing these charges, knew his own guilt, and still decided that he should represent the Senior class.


Rather I am going to touch on the issue of impeachment.  When people who hold public positions mess up, they should take responsibility for their actions.  If the action is egregious enough, they should resign.  And if they refuse to budge, then we start impeaching.  Seeing how Mr. DelGado would be forced to edit the name of his facebook profile to “Oliver Was Mr. Pres Until I Got Caught DelGado”, I think we should assume it will be the final solution.  


The only problem is there is no procedure for impeachment.  In fact, I don’t believe that the existence of Senior Class officers exists anywhere.  So the question becomes, how do you impeach a position that does not exist?  My solution: ignore his suggestions for commencement speaker.  Seeing as the position has not other real powers, this seems tantamount to an impeachment.  It looks like we won’t be getting Britney this year.  

[Edit: CB link]



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