Is this what rock bottom looks like?

At tonight’s ASM Student Council meeting, many important decisions were made.  Student Council bickered over the number of students in the new press office.  They also passed a resolution which commissioned a group of students to revise ASM’s constitution and bylaws.  They appointed to Finance Chair an individual who decided to walk out of the meeting where the internal budget was being discussed, making Council lose quorum, because he had a disagreement about a line item. 


But the biggest decision ASM made this evening was to not decide.  ASM once again postponed the appointment of their next chair.  If it was painful to see 7.3% of the student body care enough to vote in the recent ASM elections, it has to be even more painful that not single member of the new student council wishes to step up to the position of chair.


My theory: Even if Student Council members are willing to put in a couple hours every other week to round out their resume, none are willing to put in the long, exhausting hours to run an organization on its way down.  And can you blame them?  When Student Council cannot fill seats on SSFC and Finance Committee, the most powerful committees in ASM, because all the representatives are flocking to the hour a week commitments of Legislative Affairs and Diversity, it is hard to say that even this new crew of representatives have what it takes to tame the beast.  


Change and legitimacy does not happen by wishing it.  ASM 14th session certainly proved that.  No matter how much Christie Penn and others wished that ASM had positive press relations or could turn out voters, the reality of the situation was starkly different.  As much as I am comforted to hear the calls for reform, I have learned that talk is cheap and until ASM has made substantial forward progress, optimism is undeserved.  


When an organization cannot even find a single member willing to lead it, it is hard to think that they might have the gumption to provide the full-body makeover that ASM is desperately needing.  


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