BREAKING NEWS: April 5th named Student Government Revolution Remembrance Day!

Before a stirring resignation speech, echoing back to the historical resignation of Richard M. Nixon, Chief Justice Sol Grosskopf signed into law an ASM proclamation making April 5th “Student Government Revolution Remembrance Day” in honor of all those heroic fighters who tried to take down the ASM juggernaut.  


Due to ASM’s inability to elect a chair, Grosskopf was in the unique situation of presiding over all three bodies of ASM (Student Council, SSFC and Student Judiciary) simultaneously.  Although, this grants him no exceptional rights, it does give him the appearance of having some authority.  Feeding off the naivete of the new members and the ignorance of old, Grosskopf signed into law a day of remembrance for a failed putsche, which he helped organize with David Lapidus, Eric Butzlaff  and Steve Schwerbel 


I suggest that to celebrate April 5th, we take a sack of segregated fees, douse it in gasoline, and set it ablaze.  Like the olden Christmas tree, this illuminated symbol of our reverence will commemorate the mighty past we must try to reclaim.  

[Edit: Fearless Shifting posed a copy of the declaration.]


One Response to “BREAKING NEWS: April 5th named Student Government Revolution Remembrance Day!”

  1. guy who thought student government was a joke Says:

    I remember that. The funny thing was that the events provoking the so-called “revolution” didn’t really have anything to do with corruption–it was a botched election due to technical difficulties resulting from TOO HIGH A TURNOUT, and the subsequent bungling by the ASM administration.

    Also funny is the fact that the “revolution” itself had nothing really to do with corruption, but more to do with a very, VERY small group of conservative, disenchanted students trying to impose their political views on a student governance structure. Their proposals, if you can call them that, focused on limiting the scope of student government, particularly in the area of finance, in accordance to their particular political philosophies.

    This “proclamation” amounts to little more (nothing more, really) than partisan propaganda.

    Imagine the President naming June 7 “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 Remembrance Day”.

    Gotta love abuse of power.

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