Another irrelevant Daily Cardinal opinion article

True to their style, the DC published another worthless opinion article.  

Rather then covering real campus news, such as the ASM meeting last night, the Daily Cardinal provided another completely irrelevant opinion piece for their dwindling reader’s consumption. Taking the same stand as my childhood pediatrician did 18 years ago, the Daily Cardinal asserts that germs really arn’t so bad.

It is not that I don’t agree with article. To tell the truth I am far too apathetic. I am sure when I get older Dr. Spock can tell me everything I need to know on how to raise healthy, happy children. But like 98% of student I don’t have kids and do not care to spend my Tuesday lectures reading about how I need to be dirtier.

This is just a reconfirmation that the Cardinal cannot publish real op-ed pieces.

I will be submitting an op-ed next week asserted that Nursing Homes do not provide a wide enough variety of board games. Knowing the DC’s proclivity for publishing worthless editorial, it will probably appear in a paper soon.


9 Responses to “Another irrelevant Daily Cardinal opinion article”

  1. Erik O Says:

    You can’t blame this on the DC. It’s the columnists who pick their topics. They can’t force this girl to write about something. Their editorial, on the other hand, was highly relevant.

    No columnist is going to write something FOR THE NEXT DAY on a meeting that happens the night before. Topics are due two days in advance, and columns are due by 4 p.m. the day before it runs. It’s just not possible.

    Of course, I agree that this girl needs to write about things that matter.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Erik, your paper sucks. It’s your choice to write for it. Own it.

  3. Erik O Says:

    First of all, it was much better when I started writing about it three years ago. Second, I admit that this girl is an awful columnist. What more do you want? I can’t do anything about it.

  4. Erik O Says:

    *writing for it … not “writing about it”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    No, you can’t do anything about your paper sucking. But its your choice to write for that laughable pamphlet. If you had any sort of integrity as a writer you’d have quit long ago.

  6. Erik O Says:

    I think integrity also involves loyalty.

  7. Jeff Wright Says:

    You’ve said it, Erik.

  8. A. Schmidt Says:

    Ditto. Great column today, Erik.

  9. Erik O Says:

    Thank you sir.

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